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ReloWomen Podcast

Jan 28, 2021

The responsibilities of relocation can bog us down. So much so that we can often lose sight of the opportunities we are purposely moving toward. Learning to view relocation through a new lens can help you reclaim your excitement, motivation, and sense of adventure. It is possible! Let me show you how!


Jan 21, 2021

Overwhelm. An emotion that seems to stay until it leaves. I am stuck on the couch. My tone of voice is flat. I am uninterested in anything. I am not moving. I am beset by emotion.  If you have walked this like me, you know how trapped you feel. Join me as we explore this stumbling block and discuss strategies to keep...

Jan 14, 2021

Real women talking about real relocation and the expat experience in the context of personal purpose.  Join Juanita and our panel Lynn Greenberg, Lindy Chapman and me (Annette Walters as we talk about rediscovering our vanishing purpose in relocation.

Blog :

Jan 7, 2021

As strong ReloWomen, needing help is sometimes the last thing we see…until we REALLY NEED IT! This week we are talking to Laura Meehan-Agasian the NYC Storyteller and Premier Realtor.  She shares her life-changing relocation experience (one she wasn’t expecting), the lessons she learned, and how these lessons help...