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ReloWomen Podcast

May 20, 2021

Everyone is talking about Mindset, but what is it REALLY??  Is it about to do lists and accountability or could there be more to it?  Come explore what you need to know about mindset and how YOU Can Use it to Create a REAL LIFE after Relocation...or any time.  Learn More at

May 14, 2021

The dream is to create a life of good days.  We all know there are things we can't predict, but we all want a life of good days.  Don't we?  No more struggle, no more more bad days.  Come with me as we explore good days and bad days, and see how you create the experience you want....

May 7, 2021

Sometimes finding our place in our new community is difficult. To find it we must know what gets in our way and keeps us from finding it.  Today we talk about the path to finding our place while sweeping away the speedbump that could stop us.